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OAGC - Ohio Association for Gifted Children
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Ohio's Brightest Need Your Support

For over 50 years, the Ohio Association of Gifted Children has represented the interests of gifted children in Ohio. But we can't do it alone. Please consider joining to OAGC to help us in our efforts.

Did you know...
  • Less than 2 cents of every 100 education dollars is spent on gifted education in the U.S.
  • Gifted children are at a greater risk for underachievement.
  • Many gifted children have mastered 35-50% of the curriculum in the five core subject areas before their school year begins.
  • America's top students do not perform well when compared with their counterparts around the world.
  • Without appropriate challenges, gifted students are likely to regress to normal or below normal levels of achievement.
  • There are more disadvantaged gifted children than wealthy gifted children.
  • Most elementary public school teachers and administrators have no specific training in gifted education.
What can OAGC do for you½
  • Conference/Webinar Discounts
    • Yearly Teacher Academies
    • Coordinator Workshops
    • Annual Statewide Conference
    • Free access to NAGC WOW (Webinar on Wednesdays) events


  • Parent/Affiliate Support
    • Advocacy/Networking Conference
    • Organizational Assistance
    • Networking Opportunities


  • Receipt of Publications
    • Informational Update
    • Quarterly Review
    • Parent Handbook
    • Teacher Handbook


  • Current Information
    • Maintenance of OAGC Website
    • Sponsorship of OAGC Listservs
    • Opportunities to Run for Office


  • Scholarship Funding
    • Three Opportunities per Year to Apply for Student Scholarships 


  • Advocacy
    • Promotion and Monitoring of Legislation Affecting Gifted Students
    • Updated Information
    • A Collective Voice for Gifted


Donate Today!

If don't wish to join OAGC, please consider donating to OAGC to help us in our efforts.

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If you would prefer mailing a membership application, please use the links below.

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OAGC Membership

Includes the OAGC review, discounted conference rates, scholarship rights, discounts, notification of general events, networking opportunities, publications on gifted issues and eligibility for OAGC awards.

Subscription lasts for a year.

Add One or More Division Level Memberships

Includes gifted advocacy, email updates, parent support, mentoring programs, outreach programs, leadership opportunities, list of area gifted professionals, toys and book lists.

Includes gifted advocacy, newsletter, mentors, teacher support, teacher conference, leadership opportunities, committees, lessons, year's end a CD of curriculum units.

Includes gifted advocacy, email updates, committees, ODE updates, support for division members.

Includes gifted advocacy, newsletter, coordinator listserv, email updates, Q & A sites, mentors, coordinator workshop, leadership opportunities, committees, ODE updates, support for divisions members.

OAGC E-Membership

The OAGC E-Membership includes an electronic copy of the OAGC Review, scholarship rights, eligibility for OAGC award, and notification of general events. It does not include discounted conference rates publications on gifted issues, or membership discounts.

Subscription lasts for a year.