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OAGC - Ohio Association for Gifted Children
Gifted Rule / Law

Ohio's school districts are not required to serve gifted children by law, but they are required to identify students as gifted in grades K - 12. In 1999, the Ohio General Assembly passed legislation that updated the process for identifying Ohio's gifted students. The Law or Ohio Revised Code specifies, in general terms, how gifted students are to be identified, and how they may be served. The law has been updated over the years, most recently in September, 2014. The Rule or Ohio Administrative Code provides the specifics that must be followed in identification. The Rule also provides specifics on how districts may serve gifted children and how state funded gifted units (coordinators and gifted intervention specialists) may be utilized. Ohio districts must comply with both the Law and the Rule.

In July, 2018, the Gifted Rule was revised. Both the revised 2018 Rule as well as the last three previous versions are provided below.

  • Gifted Law PDF
  • Current Revised 2018 Gifted Rule PDF
  • ODE Guide to the Revised Gifted Rule - PDF

In addition to the gifted law and rule, there are other state education policies that can benefit gifted students including: 

Here are older versions of the rule for historical purposes: 

  • 2017 Gifted Rule PDF
  • 2008 Gifted Rule PDF Word
  • Technical Assistance Guide to the 2008 Gifted Rule PDF
  • Service Waiver Request (2008) PDF Word
  • Pre-2008 Gifted Rule PDF Word