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OAGC - Ohio Association for Gifted Children
North West Summer Opportunities

GT @ UT Gifted, Talented, Creative Summer Camp

The future promises to challenge the knowledge and abilities of our leaders, scientists, and creators. The primary and middle school students of today will be the leaders, scientists, and creators of tomorrow. As a society, we need to give these students the opportunity and experience to grow into these positions.

The University of Toledo’s GT @ UT program is designed to build these skills. We accomplish this by challenging thinking, increasing awareness of self and others, providing time to experience the atmosphere of a university, and emphasizing just plain having fun.

Camp Programs are taught by experienced teachers with support from highly trained experts on giftedness at the University of Toledo. This uniquely qualified combination provides your child with an unforgettable experience and support from people who know about gifts and talents, and are able to focus on individual needs in a nurturing environment.

The Camp Programs

The Writer's Life

Where do writers get their inspiration? You will experience many influences real writers use to guide their work: A walk around campus, taking in some artwork, a response to photographs, music, and more. Be sure to bring a digital camera and a spiral notebook. You will live the writer's life this week!

Visual Studies: Dimensions and 3-D Printing

Words to pages is the typical way we print in the world. In this experience though, you will learn to think more visually--and print your creation multi-dimensionally using our 3-D printer.

Occupy Earth: The Story of You Becoming A Global Citizen

Direct and produce a New Media "Short" feature during the week. From concept to storyboard to scripting and producing, our mission is to learn about others and yourself in a global cultural perspective. Access to a digital video recording device is required for this session.

The Great Outdoors—Campus Edition 

A little orienteering...a little botanical classification...a little outdoor survival...a little stream testing....all on campus and all outdoors!

Program Dates:
6/25/2018 8:30:00 AM to 6/29/2018 1:00:00 PM

6/13/2018 5:00:00 PM

Department Chair and Professor Robert A. Schultz
The University of Toledo

Program Website:


The University of Toledo Main Campus

Judith Herb College of Education

2801 W. Bancroft St.

Toledo, OH. 43606

Grade Levels Served:
3rd-8th grade

Appoximate Cost to Participate:
$220 early registration; $275 open registration; $325 walk up....sibling discounts and scholarships available based on need

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