Gifted Coordinator

Position:    Gifted Coordinator

Reports to:  Chief Student Services Officer

Employment Status:  Regular/Full-time 260 day contract

Range of this position: This is 12 month position

FLSA Status:    Exempt

Description:     The coordination of gifted services involves overseeing and coordinating services for the district. Responsibilities typically include identifying gifted students, ensuring appropriate placement and educational services, collaborating with school personnel on curriculum design and teaching strategies, consulting on district-wide planning and improvement initiatives, evaluating the effectiveness of gifted education programs, and ensuring accurate and accessible documentation for parents and stakeholders. The position plays a vital role in advocating for the needs of gifted students and promoting academic excellence and equity within the district.


Possess the authority and influence necessary to enact systemic changes, allocate resources strategically, and advocate for the needs of gifted students.

Leverage their expertise in gifted education to shape policies, develop comprehensive curriculum frameworks, and implement innovative instructional strategies across the district.

Collaborate with stakeholders such as district leadership, school board, and community organizations, fostering a more holistic approach to supporting Upper Arlington’s gifted learners.

Lead transformative initiatives that promote equity, inclusivity, and academic excellence for all students within the district.

NOTE:    The below lists are not ranked in order of importance


Master’s degree or higher in Education, Educational Leadership, or related field

K-12 Gifted Intervention Specialist Endorsement

At least three years certified teaching experience at the elementary or middle school grade levels

Such alternative to the above qualifications as the Superintendent and/or Board of Education may find appropriate

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Ability to work effectively with others

Ability to communicate ideas and directives clearly and effectively both orally and in writing

Effective, active listening skills

Organizational and problem solving skills

Knowledge of Ohio school law

Ability to lead and motivate staff and students

Team building skills

Knowledge of educational administration

Knowledge of gifted intervention best practices

Knowledge of curriculum and successful teaching strategies

Knowledge of child development and modes of learning

Essential Functions:

Evaluate the district’s gifted intervention specialists

Enact and monitor systematic changes within the district regarding gifted services

Lead initiatives that support gifted education

Collaborate with stakeholders

Facilitate meetings and professional development

Allocate resource appropriately within the gifted budget through Student Services

Review Board policy documents pertaining to gifted education for accuracy; recommend changes as needed

Attend regional and state gifted coordinator meetings

Attend and facilitate parent, administrator, gifted intervention specialist, teacher communication and support

Lead the acceleration process for the district

Plan, create, implement and monitor professional development for both gifted intervention specialists and general education teachers

Determine process for WEPs

Review district report card data and discuss with district leadership

Attend regional and state gifted coordinator meetings

Attend OAGC annual conference

Attend parent, administrator, gifted intervention specialist, teacher meetings as requested

Oversee the visual and performing arts and creative thinking gifted identification process

Answer administrator, staff, and parent questions

Read new research about best practices in gifted education

Implement and monitor all Board policies and regulations

Establish and maintain a positive public relationship to the best of your ability

Attend special events and functions of the district as directed by the Superintendent or his/her designee

Support school improvement programs and ideas

Make contacts with the public with tact and diplomacy

Other Duties and Responsibilities:

Perform other duties as assigned by the Superintendent

Equipment Operated:

Various office machines


Fax machine

Copy machine



P.A. system

Additional Working Conditions:

Frequent weekend/evening/summer work/overnight

Occasional operation of a vehicle under inclement weather conditions

Occasional exposure to blood, bodily fluids and tissue

Occasionally lift, carry, push, and pull various items up to a maximum of 25 pounds, e.g., paper boxes, deliveries of supplies and equipment

Occasional interaction among unruly children

Frequently move and position self as necessary to access and operate equipment

Frequently move around workspace and travel throughout school building

Employee shall remain free of any alcohol or non-prescribed controlled substance, use in the workplace throughout his/her employment with the District.

This job description is subject to change and in no manner states or implies that these are the only duties and responsibilities to be performed by the incumbent. The incumbent will be required to follow the instructions and perform the duties required by the incumbent’s supervisor and or appointing authority.

The Upper Arlington City School District Board of Education does not discriminate on the basis of race,color, national origin, sex, including sexual orientation and transgender identity, disability, age, religion,military status, ancestry, genetic information, or any other legally protected category, in its programs and activities, including employment opportunities.

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Submitted by:Matt Jordan