Ohio’s Gifted Children Need Your Support! Join OAGC Today! 

For over 60 years, the Ohio Association of Gifted Children has represented the interests of gifted children in Ohio. But we can’t do it alone. Please consider joining to OAGC to help us in our efforts. OAGC has multiple memberships. The general membership provides conference discounts and hardcopy publications. It is required for division membership add-ons including coordinator, teachers, higher education, and parent memberships.   You can also support OAGC by purchasing an e-membership, which does not include conference discounts or hardcopy publications.

To join online, please click here. Please note your membership will not be valid until OAGC receives the purchase order or check if you choose to pay that way.

If you prefer to join by mail, you may download and send in a membership form:

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What can an OAGC general membership do for you?

  • Conference/Webinar Discounts
    • Yearly Teacher Academies
    • Coordinator Workshops
    • Annual Statewide Conference
  • Advocacy
    • Promotion and Monitoring of Legislation Affecting Gifted Students
    • Updated Information
    • A Collective Voice for Gifted
  • Parent/Affiliate Support
    • Advocacy/Networking Conference
    • Organizational Assistance
    • Networking Opportunities
  • Receipt of Publications
    • Informational Updates
    • Quarterly Review
    • Parent Handbook
    • Teacher Handbook
  • Scholarship Funding
    • Multiple Opportunities per Year to Apply for Student Scholarships