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In response to the specific academic needs of talented and gifted students, a program to encourage the development of leadership, communication, and problem solving skills through a simulation of the inner workings of Ohio’s legislature was created.


Through this program (Ohio Legislative Summit), we hope to foster a sense of cooperation and collaboration among both teachers and students in the school districts that participate. Students will research and problem-solve to prose a bill that will be presented before a model legislative session comprised of their peers. Since students will represent the concerns of Ohio, their knowledge of state issues will be applied. Their understanding of state and government will be enhanced as they debate and vote on bills brought before the legislative body.


Meetings are 3 times a year and are TBA.
Membership Information:
Membership is free for any school that wants to participate.

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Zane's Trace Consortium for Gifted

West Lafayette, OH


Dr. Karen L. Brown – President Emeritus
Barbara Breen – President 


Zane’s Trace Consortium for the Gifted meets at least four times per year.
Their goals are:
– To promote professional growth for the benefit of gifted students.
– To serve as an advocate for gifted students.
– To provide collegial support for participating members.
– To communicate professional information, ideas, and research:
o among members
o with personnel in participating school districts
o with the Gifted Education Program Specialists at the Ohio Department of Education
o with state and national associations and federal legislators
– To share effective use of curriculum materials and instructional strategies.
– To coordinate activities and projects of mutual involvement.
– To brainstorm issues and concerns in gifted education for our region.

  • Zane’s Trace Consortium for the Gifted offers possible student opportunities including:
    – Eastern Ohio Summit
    – Writing Competitions involving prizes to include:
     “What it Means to be Gifted” – FALL
    Due September 30
     Winners announced mid-October
    o Short Stories with the theme of Change – WINTER
     Due mid-December
     Winners announced mid-January
    o Poetry – SPRING
     Due April 30
     Winners announced mid-May

Meetings are at least quarterly.


Membership Information:

$20 per year
Make check payable to Zane Trace Consortium for the Gifted
Mail dues to
Zane’s Trace Consortium of the Gifted
Treasurer, Jennifer Kaczor
c/o Bellaire Middle School
54555 Bellaire-Neffs Road
Bellaire, OH 43906
[email protected]

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