Advocacy Alert 2.8.17 — House Finance Questions Education Formula; Budget Bill Language is Available; Gifted Unchanged

On Tuesday morning, the House Finance commitee peppered OBM Director Tim Keen and State Superintendent Paolo DeMaria with questions for hours. Many of the questions had to do with a foundation funding formula that many contend favor wealthier suburban districts over rural districts. This morning, the still un-numbered bill, was released. A very cursory review shows that gifted funding is left unchanged from the last biennium both in the foundation formula and in ESC funding. That is a relief to ESCs and smaller districts counting on ESC gifted services. It should be noted, however, that this funding is still half of what it was four years ago. The lack of support for gifted in Ohio’s rural districts is becoming more apparent in staffing levels and performance measures. The budget bill language along with the current district foundation simulations can be accessed at . This page will be updated regularly as more budget documents are released. OAGC will be testifying in mid March on gifted provisions in the budget.