Advocacy Alert – 5.5.20 – Pssst — It’s Out! ODE COVID-19 Guidance for Gifted; Education Budget Cuts

ODE Releases COVID-19 Guidance for Gifted Education – At long last, the Ohio Department of Education has released guidance for gifted education due to the COVID-19 crisis. You can find the guidance at . 

Governor DeWine Plans Budget Cuts to Education – In today’s daily press conference, Governor DeWine outline scuts to the state budget. Primary and Secondary Education will be cut by $300 million with an additional $55 million in other non-district education line items.  Higher education will be cut by $110 million. These cuts are for the remaining two months of this year’s budget which ends June 30. The State Budget Director should provide additional details on these cuts later this week. The federal CARE act allocated $460 million to Ohio’s K-12 education, but it is unclear how free the state is to spend it.  The governor is not using the state rainy day fund at this time to replace tax shortfalls.