Advocacy Update – 10.3.23 – ODE/ODEW Changeover and Gifted Rankings Released

It is officially ODEW Day!  The Ohio Department of Education has officially become the Ohio Department of Education and Workforce.  Interim Superintendent, Chris Woolard, is currently leading this department.

Because changes in the signed operating budget must take place 90 days after signing by law, the changeover occurred last night.  At a press conference yesterday, Dewine stated “”[t]hat old department dies at midnight.”  


This changeover has not been without controversy, however.  The temporary restraining order filed by seven State Board of Education members remains in effect. This order claims that overhaul of the state’s K-12 education system violates the Ohio constitution. So, while the ODE is now the ODEW, plaintiffs in the restraining order are arguing Dewine will be held in contempt of court for defying this court order.  

Gifted Rankings
Use this link: to look at the newly released gifted rankings.  These rankings are meant to measure gifted students’ opportunities and performance.  The rankings compile the following data: the percentage of all gifted identified students in a district, the percentage of of all gifted identified students that receive gifted services in a district, the percentage of all students that receive gifted services in a district, the Performance Index, and the Value-Added Gifted measure included in district report cards.