Advocacy Update – 11.1.17 Gifted Advisory Council Meets; SB216 Update; USDOE Grant News

Gifted Advisory Council Meets – Last week, the newly formed Ohio Gifted Advisory Council met for the first time. The Council which was included as part of the new gifted operating standards was formed to do the following:

(1)Represent a variety of stakeholders from diverse regions of the state, including parents, general and gifted educators, administrators and others as determined by the superintendent;

(2)Assist in the development and updating of a department-approved plan for gifted education in Ohio;

(3)Advise on policy recommendations;

(4)Serve as advisors in establishing criteria for review of proposals to implement innovative gifted services; and

(5)Establish criteria for identifying and recognizing schools, districts, and other educational providers

After brief introductions and a presentation about the new gifted operating standards, the council discussed the various strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats regarding the standards. The council will meet next on December 5th, 2017.  To view all the documents from the council, please go to and look for the “Gifted Advisory Council (2017) heading.

SB216 Update – The Senate Education committee did not meet for the past two weeks, but is expected to meet on November 8, 2017 at 1:30 P.M. It is very likely that proponent testimony will be taken on SB216. The committee hearing can be viewed online at It will be interesting to view the testimony of those who support removing gifted professional development for classroom teachers. It is not clear when opponent and interested party testimony will begin as the Ohio General Assembly moves into the holiday months.

What should gifted advocates do now½ Start a conversation with your own senator about the importance of providing professional development to classroom teachers serving gifted students.    Also, a short very polite note to committee members about your concerns is a good start. To find your senator, go to and go to the “Find Your Senator.” The link to the committee members is . In case you need to review the specifics of SB216, please go to and look under the “132 General Assembly” topic.

Federal Grant News — The USDOE has proposed new rules for the use of discretionary grants programs. The specific language is as follows:

Proposed Priority 5—Meeting the Unique Needs of Students and Children, including those with Disabilities and/or with Unique Gifts and Talents

In addition, the Department believes that students possessing special innate skills, talents, and abilities—especially such students from disadvantaged backgrounds—should be given every opportunity to realize their full potential for the benefit of the Nation at large. Developing and empowering students to become the innovators of tomorrow is essential for our economic competitiveness. Therefore, this priority also seeks to promote high-quality educational opportunities that nurture students’ individual gifts and talents to prepare them for future success

(c) Developing opportunities for students who are gifted and talented (as defined in section 8101(27) of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, as amended), particularly students with high needs (as defined in this notice) who may not be served by traditional gifted and talented programs, so that they can reach their full potential, such as providing a greater number of gifted and talented students with access to challenging coursework or other materials

Public comments on this grant program will be taken until November 13th, 2017. To support this change, please go to: