Advocacy Update 12.14.16 – Gifted Operating Standard Receive a Unanimous Vote by Full Board!

With no comments, no questions, and more than a few friendly smiles from supportive board members, the gifted operating standards were voted unanimously to move forward in the administrative rule process.  Let me repeat this for those of you shaking your heads in disbelief: the vote was unanimous. What seemed almost impossible even a month ago, the full board, after three and a half years, approved the standards for an intent to adopt. In almost anti-climatic fashion, there was no arguing, no speeches, no nail biting, and no acrimony.  This short report is a recap of the proceedings.

On Monday, Dr. Sue Zake, the ODE Director of the Office for Exceptional Children provided an overview to the full board of the standards. Her presentation can be accessed at .  Only two board members asked questions. Sarah Fowler asked whether the “once identified, always identified” provision was in the current rule. Dr. Zake indicated that provision was current practice and widely accepted nationally as best practice.  Melanie Bolender asked how long the gifted rule revision had been in process.  Dr. Zake indicated that the current process had begun in September of 2015, but the original discussion began in 2013.

On Tuesday, the majority of the day was spent an exhaustive discussion of graduation standards which extended almost eight hours.  There was no public testimony allowed on the gifted rule as it is subject to an administrative hearing.  Aided perhaps by a board weary of contention, the board vote on the gifted rule was swift and uneventful.  To view the draft standards approved by the board in this resolution, please go to .

As always, it is good to thank board members for their support. Board member addresses are below:

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Several board members will be off the board after December 31, so please email your thanks to them before then.

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