Advocacy Update – 3.16.22 – State Board Approves Report Card Rules

On Tuesday, March 15th, the State Board of Education voted to accept the new report card rules passed by the Performance and Impact Committee in February. The rules voted out had some technical changes added to reflect stakeholder input, but are in substance unchanged from what the committee voted on in February. The rules can be accessed at

Unfortunately, the process is not quite complete. The State Board of Education still needs to file the rules with JCARR (Joint Committee on Agency Regulation Review), and schedule a Chapter 119 hearing, which is required for all administrative rules. Then the rules will need to be approved by JCARR. The best-case scenario is that the Chapter 119 hearing will be held in April and the JCARR hearing will be held in May. But this process could likely extend to June or July.

We will keep you updated as the process unfolds.