Advocacy Update – 5.8.24 – Gifted Rule Updates and Gifted Advisory Council Application Information

What’s next for the Gifted Rule?

As of April 12th, 2024, the Gifted Rule has been filed with JCARR.  After some confusion with language in the whole grade screening section (5), the rule was re-filed on April 24th with that language edited and clarified.  Please see the most recent rule here:

There is a Chapter 119 Public Hearing on Thursday, May 16th.  More information can be found at the above link.  If interested in providing written or oral testimony, please contact [email protected] or refer to the OAGC’s written response to the Gifted Rule here:

After the Chapter 119 hearing, there is a JCARR hearing tentatively set for June 3rd.  More details to follow.

Applications open for the Gifted Advisory Council

Are you interested in joining the Gifted Advisory Council?  The Gifted Advisory Council meets quarterly and assists in the development and updating of a gifted plan, advises on policy recommendations, serves as advisors in establishing criteria to implement innovative gifted services, and establishes criteria for identifying and recognizing schools, districts, and other educational providers.  For more information including a link to the application, click here:

Applications are due by May 27th!