Advocacy Update 8.16.18 – Gifted Rule Update and HQPD Tools; Gifted Cost Study; Gifted Assessments

Gifted Rule Revision – The gifted rule (OAC 3301-51-15) is officially revised. OAGC has been working overtime to develop a new set of recommended plans, assessments, and tools to support districts in implementing the revised gifted operating standards. These include new tools to support AP/IB gifted HQPD and updated and expanded tools to support a four-year plan for general educators. Check out all of our new gifted HQPD tools at A copy of the new rule can also be found at that link. 

Gifted Cost Study – ODE completed a gifted cost study earlier this summer. OAGC reviewed the study and has developed a response. The study and response could be used in a bi-partisan group studying all aspects of funding. For more information, please go to and go to the “2018 Gifted Cost Study” topic heading. 

Gifted Assessment Update– As noted in a previous Advocacy Update, ODE has granted a one-year grace period, which allows districts to continue to use current assessments for gifted identification. But a year moves by quickly. OAGC has provided additional information to ODE in an attempt to ensure that constructive progress is made on this issue.