Advocacy Update 1.18.19 – State Board Leadership Vote; School Funding Presentation; New House Committees

State Board of Education – This week state board of education members elected appointed-member, Laura Kohler, as president of the board and elected member, Charlotte McGuire, as vice president of the board. While Ms. Kohler easily won her position with 13 of the 19 board votes, Ms. McGuire squeaked by on a 9-8 vote over long-time board member, Sarah Fowler. The election ran smoothly with little controversy. Ms. Kohler previous served on the New Albany and Worthington boards of education. 

Much of this month’s state board meeting was geared toward bringing new members up to speed with various presentations on everything from the report card to filling out timesheets to graduation requirements. One of the presentations was from Rep. Bob Cupp (R) and Rep. John Patterson who were joined by several district treasurers and superintendents. The presentation outlined the bi-partisan work of a school funding committee that met over the past year or so. (OAGC participated in the Special Education, Gifted, and ELL sub-committee). The following information was shared regarding gifted funding:  

  • Per pupil funding amounts for identification, referrals, PD, gifted coordinators & services based on May, 2018, gifted cost study.  
  • Establish workgroup to study & recommend improvements to financial reporting of gifted expenditures.
  • Establish an incentive program for rural districts.

As previously reported, OAGC has some reservations about the 2018 gifted cost study. To review the presentation, the gifted cost study and OAGC’s response, please go to scroll to the “2018 Gifted Cost Study” topic heading. 

Ohio House Committees – The Ohio House release a draft of the 133rdGeneral Assembly committee structure. Committees relating to K-12 education include the House Finance – Primary and Secondary Education subcommittee (to be co-chaired with one democrat and one republican) and the Primary and Secondary Education Committee.