Advocacy Update – 3.11.24 – A Non-Update and Upcoming ODEW meetings

Gifted Rule Non-Update

We are still awaiting ODEW’s final Gifted Rule.  The timeline shared by ODEW in December projected that we would have the final rule by February 23rd.  According to ODEW, the large number of public comments has pushed this timeline back by “a few weeks.”  After released by ODEW, the rule will still be sent to JCARR for a Chapter 119 meeting.

As soon as the rule is released, OAGC will notify members and the public.

ODEW Public Meeting

There will be a Public Meeting at 9am on Thursday, March 14th at the ODEW office in Columbus.  This meeting will be streamed on the Ohio Channel.  More information, including a brief agenda, can be found at this link: