Advocacy Update – 6.30.23 – Gifted Student Funding in HB33

Amendment CC0370: Use and reporting of gifted student funding

The Conference Committee had their second hearing today to discuss nearly 225 amendments to the Operating Budget Bill (HB33).

Since the Senate unveiled their version of the Operating Budget (ultimately removing accountability and transparency language), we have been working with legislators to ensure that our House amendments would be retained.  We are happy to report that the Conference Committee has reverted the Budget language back to the House version!

Amendment CC0370 “Restores a House-passed provision that removes ‘other ODE approved service providers’ from the list of services on which gifted student funds may be spent.”

This amendment will ensure district accountability with the use of gifted funds.

HB33 has been favorably reported to each chamber of the Statehouse.  Once approved in each chamber, it will head to the governor’s desk for his signature. 

Last week, the House Rules and Reference Committee gave the General Assembly an extension through Friday, July 7th at which point Governor Dewine will sign the budget into law.  

SB1 (Reform the Ohio Department of Education) was also added into HB33.  ODE will now be named the Department of Education and Workforce and will be led by a cabinet position appointed by the governor.