Advocacy Update – 9.7.21 – Do Ohio’s Early High Achievers Stay Afloat?

Too often, high-achieving students get lost in the shuffle in debates about improving education for all. Overlooking their talents is troubling. To keep the U.S. and Ohio competitive on a global scale, we need to nurture a next generation of inventors, scientists, and business leaders. Recent debates about race and equity have shown the importance of ensuring that high-achieving children from all backgrounds have ample opportunity to reach the highest rungs of the social ladder.

The Ohio Association for Gifted Children and the Fordham Institute invite you to an online event to discuss how to improve education for academically talented students. Dr. Scott Imberman of Michigan State University will present findings from a forthcoming Fordham study where he tracks the long-term outcomes of Ohio children who scored in the top 20 percent on third grade state tests. How many early high achievers go on to pass AP tests or ace their college entrance exams? What percentage enroll in four-year colleges? Are there gaps between talented children from less advantaged backgrounds and their peers?

Join us on September 28th to get answers to these questions, and for a lively panel discussion and audience Q&A.

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