Advocacy Update – 10.23.23 – ODEW Names Interim Director and Upcoming GAC Meetings

Interim Director of ODEW Named

The temporary restraining order filed by seven State Board of Education members that blocked the implementation of SB33/HB1 has officially dissolved.  As a result, the transfer of K-12 education control to a cabinet department was allowed to proceed and Jessica Voltolini has been named as the Interim Director of the Department of Education and Workforce.  Chris Woolard is still the Interim State Superintendent on Public Instruction.  

GAC meetings

As previously mentioned, the Gifted Advisory Council is divided into three workgroups: Highly Effective Student Supports and Services, Job-Embedded Professional Development, and Equitable Identification Practices.  Two of the three have upcoming public meetings. 

Highly Effective Student Supports and Services will meet on October 27th from 9-11am.
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Job-Embedded Professional Development will meet on October 24th from 3:45 to 5:30pm.
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