Advocacy Update 9.13.19 – Gifted Performance Results; State Board to Meet; Gifted Dance Educators Needed – Updated

2018-2019 Gifted Performance Results– Most of the press on district report cards has centered around district composite grades. As with most other areas, there were gains in gifted performance as well this year, but they were small gains. In fact, there was a drop in gifted value-added indices.  While OAGC needs additional data on ID and service numbers, types of services offered etc. to do a full analysis, we have put together a brief update on the gifted performance indicator results. This brief can be accessed at

The bottom line is that there were gains across two elements of the gifted performance indicator, and there was an increase in the number of districts meeting the indicator. However, there remain significant differences in performance and performance gains based on district typology. 

State Board to Meet – After a recess for August, the State Board of Education will meet next week. Major issues of discussion will include graduation requirements, the report card and budget. 

Gifted Educators for Dance Checklist Needed – The Ohio Department of Education is developing a Checklist of Artistic Behaviors for use in the screening and identification of students who are gifted in the visual or performing arts field of Dance.

We are specifically seeking from you up to 4 gifted educators to develop this new state checklist. We are focused on developing a checklist for identifying students in grades 9-12 and would appreciate the experts having knowledge/experience across a variety of dance styles if possible. We are also very focused on the experts being geographically representative from across the state and diverse in ethnicity and gender.

We will convene at ODE in Columbus on September 24, 2019 from 10:00am – 1:00pm and if necessary September 26 from 10:00am – 12:30pm.

Please RSVP to Maria Lohr, Gifted Education Program Specialist, at  614-752-1745 or [email protected].