Advocacy Update – 12.21.23 – Gifted Rule Bullet Points, SBOE Update, and

Gifted Rule Bullet Points:

OAGC has compiled a list of Gifted Rule comments based on the current Gifted Rule here:  
These recommendations were created by a dedicated group of OAGC members from various regions, districts, and ESCs throughout Ohio.

Please make sure to send your Gifted Rule comments to  by December 22nd.

State Board of Education:

State Board of Education member, Christina Collins, has announced her resignation effective at the end of 2023.  Collins was one of the SBOE members who filed suit against the creation of the Department of Education and Workforce and the removal of many of the State Board’s power.  Yesterday, Collins was named the Executive Director of Honesty for Ohio Education – a nonpartisan nonprofit focused on “high-quality education grounded in truth, facts, and diverse perspectives, regardless of race, identity, background, or zip code.”