Advocacy Update – 4.28.23 – Budget Bill (HB 33) Passes the House and heads to the Senate. Keeping Our Head on a Swivel.

HB 33
The biggest news of this week is that the Budget Bill (HB 33) passed the Ohio House in a vote of 79-19. The Budget Bill now heads to the Senate where we will keep a close eye. Notable education provisions in HB 33 include a phase-in of the Cupp-Patterson K-12 Funding Formula using fiscal year 2022 to calculate costs.

This version of HB 33 has added in gifted transparency and accountability amendment language.

We are expecting big changes to HB 33 in the Senate and will provide updates accordingly.

SB 1
After the Senate passed SB 1 (Reform Ohio Department of Education), the House Economic and Workforce Development heard testimony in opposition. Opponent testimony describes this bill as undemocratic and cited the 1953 constitutional amendment that originally created the State Board of Education.

House Primary and Secondary Education
This week’s House Primary and Secondary Education committee heard testimony for HB38 – Allowance of Student Mental Health Days, HB8 – Parents’ Bill of Rights, and HB11 – Backpack Bill.
Most notably, opponent testimony was presented by BASA, OEA, the League of Women Voters, and multiple public school teachers.